1. Mind Programming method in Workshop.
    2. 8 Copy Right Subjects
    3. Trained more than 8500 Candidates
    4. Seminar attended by more than 1,00,000 peoples.
    5. 85-90% Accuracy
    6. Corporate Training Provider
    7. Newly Developed Auto Buy-Sell Signal Software.

    1. Open instant Trading a/c & start trading in MCX.
    2. Lowest Brokerage-500 per Crore.(0.005%)
    3. Highest Exposure-20 times intraday.
    4. No hidden charges
    5. Free A/c opening+Trading Terminal & Call n Trade Facility.
    6. Mobile Trading App,
    7. Instant Pay in & Same Day Payout

    1. This Course is specially designed for full-time Professional traders.
    2. All new very unique concepts other than how, hawala, tvr are included in this live Training for fastest trading.
    3. Only those people can attend who have already attended our main workshop.
    4. Batch will be limited for 5 candidates only.
    5. Complete handheld practice & Personal coaching to each client